Get Out of Your Pit!

One evening I was broadsided with a load of negative attitude. No rhyme or reason, just blah and phooey to the world. I suppose I could blame it on a rush of hormones or disappointment over missing a few days of writing, but honestly, there was no real explanation.

Consequently, I started in on one of those “woe is me” prayers. Ever talk to God like that? Yeah, that’s where I was. I dug a little pit and made myself comfy in the dirt. What a way to fall asleep! As a result, I was still in that pit when I woke up. It was past time to brush the dirt off my soul, so I grabbed my coffee and the Word, and headed for a quiet spot.

My Bible reading lead me to Exodus, chapter 3 – Moses, the burning bush, and God’s call. I was stopped in my tracks by verses 6 – 8. God introduced Himself to Moses in the most remarkable way. Here’s the outline:

  • God.
    • I Am.
    • I have seen.
    • I have heard.
    • I am concerned.
    • I have come…
      • to rescue
      • to bring you out of oppression
        • and into a good land.

Oh. Oh. Oh. These words drenched me, washing away every bit of soil. All the bad thoughts and feelings ran off into the ditch and on down the street. I was clean.

Of all the things in the whole world I could share with you, this is absolutely the most important.

God is. He sees and hears you. God is concerned. And He has come to rescue you and bring you out of your pit and into a good place. Jesus, the Son of God, is the Savior of the world. Healer. Shepherd. Deliverer. Friend.

Believe it.

pit 2



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