About Me

Welcome, Friends!

This is the blog where you will find me writing about treasure hunts.
Treasures hidden in darkness.

Who am I writing to?

This question has been raised by writing friends whom I respect. After all, as a writer I am  supposed to know my audience; to see them in my mind’s eye. You, as readers, need to feel that I know you. It’s a valid question. Who?

I am writing to people. People in a dark place, a hard place. Those who have been sucker-punched by life and are still trying to catch their breath. Those who didn’t sign up for their current journey, but consider it worth the effort to see it through. I am writing to people who have had enough of being battered by the negative voices in their lives and in their own heads. Those who have drawn a line in the sand, are standing toe-to-toe with their personal giant, and have need of endurance.

I am writing to you. I am writing to myself.

What are the treasures?

Sometimes this world can be a dark place, but I have learned that even when it’s darkest there are treasures to be found. Little glimpses of light. A kind word or a smile. A sense of peace in the middle of chaos. The smallest flicker of hope. You just have to look. And sometimes you have to be patient enough to wait for it. There are times when the found treasures seem random, but they are gifts from God Who loves you and me more than we could ever know.

Why should you hang out here?

I sure don’t claim to have all the answers. I am simply a person who has lived some life and has some difficulties – like you. My personal darkness includes the fight for my marriage and family. In this battle I faced fear, depression, and hopelessness – to name a few.

However, along the way I have found a good deal of treasure. Treasure hidden in the darkness. I will share these with you, because sometimes it’s hard to find them for yourself when you’re in the trenches of life battles.

Who am I?

My name is Calista. I’m married to Brian, Mom to all five of our children, and Grandma to thirteen of the most darling little people on the planet.

I love Jesus, my family and friends, my church. And my cats.

And coffee; I love coffee and ice cream. Oh yeah, chocolate, too.

It is my prayer that after lingering here for a moment you will come away with more hope than when you arrived.