Make Mine Almond with Honey, Cream, and a Side of Quiet

Have you ever wanted to run away? Not permanently – just for a couple hours or days … okay, let’s be honest … a couple months. When the kids were little and the house was boisterous I had a recurring fantasy.

I would go someplace pretty and quiet. The quaint cottage where I would stay smells of rose petals and vanilla. The sun through lace curtains dances patterns across the floor when nudged by a gentle breeze. From the cozy sofa I would see yellow butterflies skipping through mounds of fragrant pink flowers that fill the window boxes.

If I decide to take a stroll – which I most certainly would – my toes would delight in tickly green grass, soothing sand, and cool water. Since it’s my fantasy there would never be sharp sticks, rocks, or shells to mess up my perfect pedicure.

When hungry I’d eat fancy butter cookies, chocolates, and cucumber sandwiches. My steaming almond tea with honey and real cream would be sipped from dainty china dishes. I am certain my meals would be elegantly served by polite, if not slightly disinterested staff. And they would most definitely have English accents.

In this place I would be able to exist and just be me. I wouldn’t have to be mom or wife or teacher or anything. I could simply eat, sleep, read, sew, write, sing, or pray without having to referee, chase, hurry, clean, drive, and so on, and so on….

I know you might be thinking it’s a bit girly and you would be right. I’m not gonna lie. My fantasy vacay would require the Tardis so I could slip into the world of Jane Austin’s Emma. Your running away dream might look different than mine, but the truth is we all indulge our imagination when the going gets stressful.

However, I have learned when I crave something no one can possibly give me, I need even more to turn my thoughts toward God. Not that I expect Him to grant my specific request at this very moment, but in the face of discontent I need to acknowledge my Maker Who has already provided for my needs.

The longer I focus on my secret fantasy get-away, the more dissatisfied I am with my current place. I know God and only God can satisfy my soul. My husband can’t, neither can my kids, or a get-away weekend (however fragrant, quiet, and delicious). After all, everything and everybody would be waiting eagerly for my return.

We can find fulfillment and rest in Jesus right here, right now, where we are today with all we have to do. Let’s make it a goal to say with our whole heart we are just as satisfied at home with the kids, the laundry, and the work as we would be in that cozy cottage sipping hot tea.

God has provided bountifully in every way. He is faithful and He is enough!

And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
so that in all things at all times, having all that you need,
you will abound in every good work.
–2 Corinthians 9:8

God, You are able to meet my every need. Thank you for Your grace that overflows in my life, making me able to carry out the many tasks that face me. Whatever happens today, I know You alone are enough to satisfy my soul. Amen.

What is your favorite “run away” fantasy? How has God helped you refocus when you felt discontent?

image source – window box
image source – water

6 thoughts on “Make Mine Almond with Honey, Cream, and a Side of Quiet

  1. I used to picture myself in a cabin in Montana with no church for miles, no cell phone service, and no neighbors and just our family would sit and read and cuddle by a fire and just have…”peace” ? I have grown through lots of ways to realize my fantasy was usually a lie in the form of thinking escaping was the hope when truly it was not. Jesus was the hope just like your post described. Whenever I am now blessed with a small getaway of any kind, my eagerness to return to my crazy life is always reminder of how blessed I am and how I am right where I need to be, crazy and all!!! Thanks for this awesome reminder!!!


    1. Haha – yeah, Montana would be the place for seclusion. 😀 Part of my learning process included checking my motives. I have to ask if I am running away from home or running to Jesus. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.


    1. Oh, yes, I agree, RJ. The reality get-away may differ from the fantasy, but it is no less sweet. Jesus is faithful to meet us whether it’s a couple hours in the park or a couple weeks in the mountains. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.


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